Highlights Dutch Design Week 2009

Today I visited the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I selected five highlights but could have chosen dozens. In this week you can feel the vibe of innovation almost literally in the streets of Eindhoven.


Where? 5 minuten museum, Strijp-S

Who? Daniel Rozin

What? Trash Mirror

500 pieces of variously colored trash collected from the streets of New York and artist’s pockets, motors, control electronics, concealed video camera, computer.  Though built 3 years after the Wooden Mirror, Trash mirror was conceived first, However the concept seemed too risky at the time so I decided to build the Wooden Mirror first. This piece suggests that we are reflected in what we discard. The piece celebrates the ability of computation to inflict order on even the messiest of substances – trash.

Watch the movie here: http://www.smoothware.com/danny/newtrashmirrormov.html

By the way, it’s for sale! $ 110,000!


Where? Adaptation, Strijp-S

Who? Jon Stan & Ivo de Kogel

What? Cabinets of the (Material & Virtual) World

The solid cedar double-sided cabinet incorporates sixteen drawers for physical archiving on one face with sixteen corresponding engraved patterns linking to digital data on the other. The ‘coded’ patterns are not solely a decorative element, bu can be decoded to allow the user’s meaningful data (i.e. digital photos, videos, blogs!) to pop up when interfaced through a camera phone or computer. Produced by the Technisch Instituut Heilig Hart Hasselt and the Waag FabLab Amsterdam.

Here my own iPhone picture: http://yfrog.com/10gf3mj


Where? Graduation Galleries, Witte Dame

Who? Stijn van der Vleuten

What? Forgetfulness

What do I own? Where can I find these things? When do I use them, and what is their value? Stijn van der Vleuten made two thick books about his possessions, called 1397 on 13,82 m2. From knives to his CD collection and everything in between. He photographed, described and indexed ALL his belongings! I NOMINATED STIJN FOR THE ‘ED PUBLIEKSPRIJS’

Web: http://www.stijnvandervleuten.nl


Where? Graduation Galleries, Witte Dame

Who? Daphne Koenen

What? Polaroid will never die

After sixty years Polaroid production was stopped in 2008. A mortal sin, thinks Daphne Koenen. There is much to say for a Polaroid’s plain instant shots in comparison to the Photoshopped perfection of digital photos. Koenen designed a small exhibition as an ode to the instant camera. Six little treasure-chests in the various rainbow colours of the brand contains unique photos made with the last Polaroid film. for the fans there is a box full of gadgets: posters, a flip-book in which you can see how a photo is developed, and a jewellery box containing earrings, a necklace and a brooch made from camera components.


Where? MU, Witte Dame

Who? Group exhibition

What? Paper Zoo

Just see it yourself, it is free.

Web: http://www.mu.nl/exhibitions/now/