Berlin in signs and why I love Berlin


Berlin is full of signs. It is also full of Street Art, stickers, billboards, graffiti, trendy people, etc. But hey, I only gave myself one day to shoot one topic.

Signs. In Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. And once in a while a nice piece of Street Art. Couldn’t help it. The funny thing is that in almost all cases if I turned the camera 10 meters to the right or left you would have a very different view of Berlin. That of plastic fantastic.

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What came to my mind today is why I love this city so much. The main reason is that it’s beauty lies in it’s so called imperfection. That here old industrial buildings are more beautiful then 18th Century convents or churches.  That graffiti lifts up this city. When something is not perfect people tend to be creative. That’s why it’s swarming with creatives here.

But the nice thing is that Berlin makes the imperfect perfect! I love it!